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Sunday, August 6th, 2006
11:30 pm - The 24th X-Files lyric wheel

Hi all, Logan here posting for your absent wheel maintainer and her guest conductor :-)

[lj-cut text="Want to write an X-Files fic?"]Hello, Wheelies!

Please respond to this journal entry if you'd like to participate in the 24th Lyric Wheel. This time we're not writing to a theme, so please start looking for songs with interesting lyrics and lines that might fit into a story.

The last day to join is Thursday, August 10th. On the 11th the final list will be sent out with all participants listed according to who they should send lyrics to. For those of you who are new it will look something like this:

1. First person sends to 2
2. 2 Sends to 3
3. 3 sends lyrics to 4, and so on...
30. (or whatever the number at the end of the list) sends lyrics to 1

Posting begins Sunday August 20th on this board: http://www.voy.com/24973/

Please feel free to contact me at RhiannonShaw@yahoo.com if you have any questions or visit the website here: http://www.hegalplace.com/xflyricwheel/wheelfaq.htm for additional information.

If you'd like to forward this invitation to another X-Files list and the moderators won't consider it off topic, please feel free -- the more drivers, the merrier.

Hope to hear from you soon and with any luck, our regular wheel mistress will be back next round!

Rhi, driving for Marcia Elena[/lj-cut]

(Spin The Wheel)

Friday, March 24th, 2006
10:45 am

Hello, Wheelies

You might've received an email in the last week letting you know that the X-Files Lyric Wheel would be closing down. That email wasn't a prank, but, after talking to Rhi, I've chosen to rescind that decision. That means that the Wheel is going to remain open, and we'll have our first spin for this year soon.

Before that happens, however, I'd like to inform you all that I am the only Wheel mistress now, since Kashmir has elected to move on. Also, you might be wondering why the Wheel was closed, even if that decision only held for a few days. The participation in the Wheels has been dwindling, and we felt that maybe there wasn't enough interest anymore, and that it would be better to quit while there were still a few people writing than to wait until no one was. But, after rethinking that, I've realized that closing the Wheel down now was the wrong decision, especially without asking for everyone else's input.

So, the Wheel is going to remain open. I'd like to apologize for making the wrong decision and maybe causing some of you grief over it. I'd also like to ask you all for opinions and suggestions about the Wheel. Have the themes been too restrictive? Would you prefer to have more non-themed Wheels where the only requirements would be to write an X-Files story based on the lyrics you received? If you haven't been writing, why? What would motivate you to participate? What would keep you from participating? Are there specific themes you'd like to see on the Wheel? Would you prefer to have polls more often about what the next theme should be? I am opening the list for now so that everyone can voice their opinions; please stay on topic, and be courteous to your fellow Wheelies.

It is, of course, impossible to make everyone 100% happy, since you will inevitably have differing opinions on each subject. I will, however, do my best to satisfy the participants so that the Wheel can hopefully come back to full strength. Yet even if the number of participants remains small, the Wheel shall stay open. I am grateful to each and everyone of you.

Please remember that the X-Files Wheel welcomes gen, het and slash -- all pairings, all characters. Positive feedback and constructive criticism are always encouraged. With your help, the Wheel is going to remain a place where we all can find inspiration and express ourselves freely.

Marcia Elena

(Spin The Wheel)

Wednesday, August 18th, 2004
7:25 am - Welcome

The purpose of this community is basically what the title says - it will be a place where you can find information on the latest wheel: when it will be, what the theme will be, when to sign up and when the board will be cleared for the next wheel. We do plan on having opinion polls occasionally and any questions or comments are welcome. Please note that this will not be the place to post any Lyric Wheel stories or to discuss any of the current stories on the wheels.

Thank You and Enjoy Your Stay!
Logan, Marcia Elena & Kashmir

(Spin The Wheel)

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